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Nitrile industrial lining

Process of the Machine

A to be specified number of frames are in the machine. These frames are carrying formers, made from porcelain, aluminum, copper, to the customers wishes (the cycle time is depending on the material chosen). The formers are fixed in the frames. The frame can turn 180° fingers up. The frames with formers on both levels in the machine can slide from position to position hydraulically. A lift is situated on both ends of the machine. The complete process is run fully automatic. The cycle is determined by stripping, mounting and dipping. See cycle on drawings.

Strip Station

This station requires three persons situated on the first floor, each person is presented with a frame at the correct angle for case of unloading the hot gloves (80ºC-140ºC) from the formers. Each person strips part of the frame. The sequence time allowed being 90 seconds which is time enough to include glove printing (option) of the size and other information required. Thus these gloves are ready for packaging when the safety requirements do not prescribe leaching.

Liner Loading

This station requires two persons situated on the first floor, each person is presented with a frame at the correct angle for ease of loading the liners onto the hot formers. It should be noted that the hot formers give an ironing effect to the liner which gives a better visual appearance to the finished product.


One person is burning liners with a gas flame. This is only possible manually.

Coagulant Station


Coagulant Dip

The coagulant used will be water based or alcohol based, depending on the customer’s wishes, but for each different liner and each different nitrile/neoprene/latex formulation a variation of the coagulant may be required. When a different variation of coagulant is required the existing material may be pumped out to storage tanks or a replacement tank with the new material may be used.

Coagulant Tank

The coagulant tanks are constructed from stainless steel. A special system is fitted to ensure a completely homogenous liquid.

Dipping Frame

The dipping frame is actuated by a double acting hydraulic cylinder. The speeds being controlled by proportional valves. The linear speeds are controlled by electronic devices over a 90-sec cycle.

Draining Stations

There are several draining stations in the machine. With the formers fingers down the dripping off is to waste into a stainless steel gutter for 90 secs.

Cooling Down Station

In this station after placing liners formers and liners have to be cooled down.

A fan will cool the formers in a finger down position for 90 sec’s. Low noise protected fans will be used.

NOTE!! High heat content formers (aluminum) may require additional cooler systems to be incorporated (quotation was made for copper).

Nitrile Latex Dip

With the formers fingers down these forms lowered into the nitrile dipping tank.

Speed and depth are adjusted by PLC/PC/Programs for each glove.

Nitrile Tanks (one is delivered)

The nitrile/neoprene/latex dipping tank is stainless steel fitted with an adjustable speed slurry system and a level indicator switch which ensures a supply from the day tank to give a consistent level. The tank is fitted with a false bottom and a mesh of stainless steel to circulate the contents and remove any debris.

Adjacent dipping tanks with different colors and ingredients must be fitted with covers to protect contents from contamination.

The tank sides are cooled to keep the nitrile at the right temperature. Chiller is included in the price. We have calculated four tanks in the quotation that can be exchanged fast.

Dipping Frame

The dipping frames are used as for the coagulant dipping system.

Nitrile Latex Over Dip for Fully Dipped Blue Nitrile Glove (see picture) (=option)
This is an extra tank that is only used for this glove. The other gloves are not using this station. This is programmed in the computer. See details nitrile dip.


An oven is placed with a heat exchanger, ventilators and a temperature control unit (for fast drying of the blue glove).


Several stations have a rotating device for spreading the developed drop on the fingertips.

Lift upwards

The frames are moved up to the curing oven with fingers up by means of a lift.

Curing Ovens

A curing oven is situated on top of the machine at the complete length of the machine. The oven is divided in three different temperature zones. All zones are executed with electronic temperature adjustment from room temperature to 140ºC. Adjustable by PC with electronical and mechanical display.

Thermic oil heat exchangers or infrared. Low noise ventilators. Complete insulation.



Aluminum/porcelain/copper. Each size is to have a separate pair of moulds. Option: other moulds for different gloves.

To fill the complete plant requires 1,500 formers, including 25% for spares and variation of demand.

Former Frames

The formers are fixed in a frame on a bar, which may be arranged for finger dip, open back, for full dip glove.

NOTE!! The full dip glove may be dipped on a finger dip former, open back formers have a square back which would not be suitable for full glove dipping.

The inner former frame may rotate in its outer frame to give “finger up” or “finger down” position.

The outer frame is moved from station to station on the ground track also the outer frame is moved from station to station on the upper level.

The number of frames is dependent on the machine type, which is purchased.

(For the offered type there are 32 frames).

foto nitrile

Heating System

The heating system is thermic oil, gas or diesel.

Or you may chose for infrared instead of thermic oil.

The heating capacity will depend on the particular machine selected.

The heater for the thermic oil needs to be housed in a boiler room outside the main production area. The expansion tanks and pump are fixed on to the top of the machine. The feed & return pipe for thermic oil needs to be insulated and may be supplied by Dutch Dipping, to your drawing, dependent on the length required.

Thermic oil requirement data sheets will be supplied prior to installation of the system.

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