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Why buy a latex dipping machine for condoms from Dutch Dipping ?

Dutch Dipping helps you to invest in your future!

The real need for condoms in the world is always expanding.

dipping condomsThe Dutch Dipping machine makes 1st class condoms. You will therefor be able to supply condoms, which will surpass all accepted world standards.

To help you reduce your future financial investments in the expansion of your condom business Dutch Dipping will present an expansion facility on the basic machine purchased. The extension set will be approximately less than (1/3) one third of the price of an extra dipping line and will give you a double increase (100%) in the production of your existing Dutch Dipping line.

You will see that it is not necessary to buy a second (2nd) dipping line and within months of your order this result will be achieved.

machine condomIt should be noted that if this previous production is insufficient it is possible to provide a further expansion scheme. This further facility gives to the Dutch Dipping machine a further one hundred percent (100%) increase in production. This modification giving three (3) machines in one i.e. 300% on the base original machine with minimum extra investment.

We hope you consider the preceding facts when you make your comparison with latex dipping machines produced by any other manufacturers in the technology.

The assembly of our machine in your factory

Dutch Dipping have designed this M/C so it may be assembled in your factory very quickly and connected to the services required, this means there is the direct economic advantage of early commencement of production.

condomsThe machine arrives in a few containers in which you will find completed sections. These sections will fasten together in a set assembly sequence. The assembly time is normally only two (2) days after which the M/C will run, when water and latex are in the tanks manufacture of condoms may commence.

If you chose to compound the latex prior to arrival of the machine then you may expect to have full operation within three to six weeks.

Extension no. 1 on basic machine - parts supplied:

Note! Ovens and water supply will be adjusted to suit new loading.

dipExtension no. 2 on basic machine with 1st extension - parts supplied:

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