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Batch Dipping Plant automatic For Football bladders

football bladdersShort description of the machine.

The formers are with a quick-connect socket screw/keyhole principle mounted on the former-racks.

These racks with formers are being sled into the sliding frames witch are mounted in the machine.
These sliding frames can slide automatically through the machine above the dipping tanks and through the ovens.

Totally 22 sliding frames, each carrying 20 formers can be mounted.

The sliding frames can move up and down when they arrive above a dip tank. The dip-movement for the coagulant and latex-tanks can be programmed in the machine-computer ( PLC ). The dip-movement for cleaning and powdering manual adjustable.

The machine consists of dipping frames, dipping tanks and ovens. Stripping of the gloves must be done manually off the machine.
Before stripping the racks must be taken out of the machine where they can be easily stripped.
Two special turn able former-rack carriers are delivered with the machine.

Heating for ovens and tanks: electrical
Colour: white
Some parts are made of stainless steel.

The machine can be executed to your wishes (200/250 pieces per hour) depend on form /mould

Flow chart process cycle time 4/7 min

1. Former cleaning , out of the machine, not included
2. Former drying and heating up (oven)
3. Coagulant dip
4. Coagulant drying ( oven )
5. Cool down tunnel ( oven )
6. Latex dip
7. Setting latex film (oven)
8. Leaching 1 ( hot water )
9. Leaching 2 ( hot water )
10. Leaching 3 ( hot water )
11. Powdering ( anti stick)
12. Automatic turning device
13. Curing ( oven) along the complete back side of the machine
14. Automatic turning device
15. Stripping ( manual )

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