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Balloon machines from Dutch Dipping (Chain dipping line)

Dutch Dipping helps you to invest in your future!

The real need for balloons in the world is always expanding.

The Dutch Dipping machine makes 1st class balloons. You will therefor be able to supply balloons, which will surpass all accepted world standards.

balloondippingTo help you reduce your future financial investments in the expansion of your balloon business Dutch Dipping will present an expansion facility on the basic machine purchased. The extension set will be approximately less than (1/3) one third of the price of an extra dipping line and will give you a double increase (100%) in the production of your existing Dutch Dipping line.

You will see that it is not necessary to buy a second (2nd) dipping line and within months of your order this result will be achieved.

It should be noted that if this previous production is insufficient it is possible to provide a further expansion scheme. This further facility gives to the Dutch Dipping machine a further one hundred percent (100%) increase in production. This modification giving three (3) machines in one i.e. 300% on the base original machine with minimum extra investment.

We hope you consider the preceding facts when you make your comparison with latex dipping machines produced by any other manufacturers in the technology.

The assembly of our machine in your factory

balloondipping2Dutch Dipping have designed this M/C so it may be assembled in your factory very quickly and connected to the services required, this means there is the direct economic advantage of early commencement of production.

The machine arrives in a few containers in which you will find completed sections. These sections will fasten together in a set assembly sequence. The assembly time is normally only two (2) days after which the M/C will run, when water and latex are in the tanks manufacture of balloons may commence.

If you chose to compound the latex prior to arrival of the machine then you may expect to have full operation within three to six weeks.

Extension no. 1 on basic machine - parts supplied:

Note! Ovens and water supply will be adjusted to suit new loading.

Extension no. 2 on basic machine with 1st extension - parts supplied:

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balloon dipping Description of balloons

A good balloon has the following conditions:

The above are controlled by:

A good even latex film depends upon a good even coagulant deposit, which depends upon fast drying, even withdrawal speed from the coagulant. This means a hot coagulant and a hot former and with small time cycles leading up to the coagulant dip, it is important not to lose heat necessarily after the stripping.

* Because of "intended health regulations", leaching is more important than ever, and ideally should come before beading. But because some drying - not too much - is necessary, this design may not accommodate this situation.

What has to be accepted, is that the machinery provides as much satisfaction as possible especially in the sense that this is then advertising a good machine builder.

balloonsIn order to achieve these goals Dutch Dipping has developed a new kind of vertical balloon dipping line.

On the ground floor baths, cleaning tanks, latex tanks and ovens can easily have their positions changed, because the chain has been equipped with arms. In- and outgoing angles can easily be adapted during the process. The arms can be taken out of the baths nearly sheer for a short interval, e.g. for beading the thin latex film. In order to save energy the chain has been separated from the oven. The heating is done by means of thermal oil, which can be heated by oil, gas or electricity. In countries with high humidity a condenser can be placed in order to get very dry air in the oven. We have placed the latex bath on air cushion to remove it easily from the machine when a change of colour is desired.

The machine can be equipped for a different colour on each side or a different model on each side. The complete first floor is very small, only for leaching and soaking the balloons. The complete machine is delivered in two parts, which can be reassembled within one day. The trial running can take place within one week after arrival. Production can start immediately after all parameters are as desired and compounding of latex is fully controlled. Full production should be possible within one month.

For making a good balloon the formers pass the following stages:

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