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Teats and Soothers

General working of the machine

This dipping line produces teats as well as soothers fully automatically. The production is fully automatically. The stripping can be automated, depending on the shape of the teats or soothers. The working of the machine is based on the sole use of heat-sensitive latex. The dimensions of the machine are approximately: length 25 metres, width 2 metres and maximum height 4.5 metres.

In the machine 2 endless chains are situated each on one side of the machine, running parallel to each other. The chains run over 2 levels, in order to use as little floor surface as possible. The oven is situated on the top level, and most of the processing items are placed on the lower level. The driving is discontinuously by means of a hydraulic tact drive, which was specially developed by Dutch Dipping

Teats and SoothersThe chain is kept on a pre-set tension with 2 air cylinders. The starting conditions and security for chain break are integrated in this tension control.

The quick exchangeable aluminium former suspension bars that contain each an specific amount of formers are mounted between the 2 chains.

Both teats (20 pieces) and soothers (40 pieces) can be mounted. During the running of the machine the complete former suspension bars can be exchanged. When the bars have been coded and a photocell for recognition is built in the machine, the machine can adept automatically to the dipping bar. This adaptation can be quoted on special request.

Changing of the bars is recognised automatically by the machine at the concerning processing item, which changes the local machine control automatically as well.

The former suspension bars are moved in a position above a processing item. The different items are explained in the annex flowchart as well as specified on the special data sheets.

The aluminium or stainless steel formers are not included in the machine. Standard formers, of which the mounting side is not too large, are assumed to be used. The soothers are mounted at a 35-mm pitch and the teats at a 70-mm pitch.

The complete machine is controlled by PLC, including the vertical movement of the dipping items and the special chain drive. The PLC and all controls are placed in the centre of the machine; at each item the specific controls are placed in special control panels.

The ovens are heated by thermal oil; we can deliver the boiler for thermal oil on request. All heating media (gas, electric or diesel fuel) are possible.

The machine is easy to maintain, by means of central chain lubrication and several special in and out sliding constructions. The beading items are positioned on the outside of the machine at rest position.

Only after extended testing in our factory the machine is packed in parts in seaworthy containers, while the electrical connections are disconnected by means of plugs.

As a result of this optimal construction the machine can be operational within 3 weeks provided that all necessary preparations have been taken.

We will provide drawings of the architectural adaptations and foundations that have to be made by you in time.

At installation the following matters have to be connected by an external source:

The machine is self-supporting for pressed air, hydraulics and more.

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