At the forefront of dipping technology

Condom dipping machines

3 types of dipping lines


Fully Automated Turnkey Condom Factory.

To produce condoms with the minimum number of production employees.

Only for the work floor.

Item 1

Mixing department 2 workers a shift

condom automatic dipping

Item 2

Laboratory/standards 3 workers a shift


Condom production dipping line 2 workers a shift


Powder slurry/Washing/drying (in one machine) 1 worker a shift

Item 5

Testing/ sealing/ cartooning over rapper box closer (printer )
Complete flow line
1 high-qualified worker
a shift

Item 6

Transport from flow line to storehouse 1 worker
1 for the fork lifter
a shift

condomns dippingItem 7

Work shop to maintain all machine 1 high-qualified worker
1 assisted

Item 8

For: heating/ generators/water treatment/electrics/ ect
1 qualified worker

Total per shift 12 total basic 24 hours (5shift) 60 persons.

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