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Description of all items in the machine

Frame of the machine

The frame consists of one part (box girder). It is consisting of a solid construction. The frame has two lifts and two levels. The frame is placed on a steel foundation in the factory, made by the factory according to our drawings (electro, water, air on the right place).

1. Frame for formers

Approximately 42 pieces are placed in the machine. All 42 can slide in the machine and adjusted exactly above all items. All frames can turn 179°. 48 formers in the frame to be pushed out by unit (for beading, stripping, cleaning, printing, etc.)

The largest size XL is used as reference.

2. Acid/rinsing

One part, stainless steel tank. Dipping in acid and rinsing electrically/hydraulically. Exhaust by ventilators by chimney (roof). Rinse tank overflow.

3. Filling station

Empty place in the machine that can be reached easily. Rail can be pushed in by hand.

4. Washing/cleaning

This item is doing all at once.

All with temperature control.

Made as much from stainless steel as possible

The rails are pushed out.

5. Drying

If necessary by thermic oil/electrically by ventilators. Insulated ovens and circulating air.

6. Coagulant dipping

7. Drying

See 6.

8. Nitrile dip

Stainless steel tank, double walled for cooling if necessary. Stirrers or pump overflow. Sieve. Dipping speed exactly adjustable. Connection to day tank. Revolving directly after leaving nitrile tank or one station further.

9. Drying

See 6.

>10. Beading

Rails with formers can be pushed out. Rotating brushes make the beading.

11. Leaching

One big stainless steel tank, adjustable in height. Overflow. Connection for fresh water, water temperature by thermic oil or electric. Mechanical and electronical temperature indicator. Frames are pushed through. Lift directly from leaching tank directly up.

12. Printing

Subject not known to us. We have calculated DM 30.000-40.000.

Can be pushed out. Printing per former.

13. Curing oven

Situated on the second level. Divided in four parts for temperature raise. Insulated. Temperature controlled by PLC on request. Frames can be pushed through by air/hydraulically. Circulating air (chimney). If necessary humidity control system. Water secretion.

>14. Leaching

15. Powdering/detack tank

See coag tank.

16. Drying Oven

See 6.

17. Stripping

Fully automatic.

Secret method by Dutch Dipping

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